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Cosworth Engine Bearings EVO (2.0L) Thrust Bearing Set (PR7429)

  • Cosworth Engine Bearings EVO (2.0L) Thrust Bearing Set

Mitsubishi EVO 4G63 (2.0L) Thrust Bearing Set
Engine Bearings are one of the most Vital Components within an engine and are often overlooked when considering high perforemnce upgrades. Performance engineered multi-layer bearings generate less heat than normal bearings by reducing friction. Cosworth race bearing sets feature unique combinations of design to deliver performance in extreme conditions. Cosworth race bearings are avilable in three sizes to accommodate most Applications.

Our Price     BHD17
Required Quantity
Car Brand     Mitsubishi
Car Model     EVO IV-IX & X
Item Category     COSWORTH, Ultra High Performance Engine Bearings
Price quoted not includes freight charges